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The average person sends about 30 emails per day*

That's Potentially
30 Missed Opportunities
To Promote Your Book!

*Source: Radicati

Author Signature lets you leverage emails you already are sending today to attract attention and sales for your book, without having to do any additional work or marketing, all without spending any money on advertising or additional marketing. Wow!

In Less Than 60 Seconds...

Turn This:

Amazon Book Page

Into This:

Author Signature

...For Just $20 Per Design

Benefits of Using Author Signature

  • Boost book sales by consistently showcasing your work in emails, keeping it at the forefront of readers' minds.
  • Enhance your author brand, making it easily recognizable and memorable for email recipients.
  • Elevate professionalism with a polished Author Signature, amplifying your work's credibility.
  • Broaden your book's reach effortlessly with every email sent.
  • Save time and streamline promotion by automatically including book details in emails.
  • Achieve cost-effective marketing with a one-time signature design investment.
  • Capture attention with a call-to-action, prompting recipients to explore your book.
  • Keep promotions fresh and relevant by easily updating your Author Signature.
  • Ignite conversations around your book, opening doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, or other opportunities.
  • Optimize your signature design through click tracking, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Author Signature Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Author Signature include the email signature text above it?

No, the Author Signature is just the book promo image with the hyperlink, that you can insert below any current email signature you may have. We have left this out on purpose as every person has very specific needs when it comes to the information they want in their email signature. This makes the Author Signature very flexible, as it can be pasted below any existing email signature you already have.


What if I have trouble installing my Author Signature?

If you have followed the installation instructions but still have trouble installing it, please send us an email and our support team will guide you as best as possible.


What if my email client is not in the list of installation instructions?

If the email client that you use is not within the listed ones on our installation page, simply contact us to let us know which one you use and we will add instructions within 24-48 hours to our website after replying to you with these instructions. Alternatively, if you prefer to find a quicker answer, then you can Google "How to install an email signature in [email client name]".


Will you be adding more designs to choose from?

Yes, of course! If you have any preferences or ideas of what style you would like, this will influence our design team when they prepare future designs. We would love to hear from you!


Do you offer refunds?

No, unfortunately we don't. Because of the nature of the product, once a design has been created for your book, there's no way for us to take it back, as it's an image that can be easily copied. If, however, there are errors within your design not relating to your book information, do let us know and we'll regenerate your image free of charge.